XV. Európa Jövője Nemzetközi Gyermek- és Ifjúsági Találkozó

  2018. július 1-8. Kecskemét | 1- 8th July 2018 Hungary

15th Future of Europe International Children and Youth Meeting

nyito 1993In September 1990, the Future of Europe Association was established with the aim of helping the children of Kecskemét become acquainted with children from Europe through Children's Meetings. The theme was simple: inviting children from the countries of the continent who would be hosted by Kecskemét schools. Foreign children would stay with families and in the following year the foreign groups would invite their hosts for an exchange visit. The only thing the Association asks for from foreign groups is to bring along presents, music, dances and programmes that can be demonstrated without any linguistic difficulties. Csipero the lovely figure of the meetings, has grown up before our very eyes and it is well known and loved all over Europe. So far, we have hosted 8000 children from 80 settlements from 27 countries. The task of the Association is exactly the same after the millenium as it was at its birth: helping the citizens of Europe so that the children of today become a tolerant generation, free from all prejudices and accepting people and their differences.

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  • 1993 — Imre Szacsvay State Youth Award
  • 1997 — Non-profit Organisation of the Year
  • 2006 — European Civil Award
  • 2013 — „Az élhető városért” Alapítvány legszebb városi fesztivál díja (Berlin)

A year after its establishment, in 1991 the Future of Europe Association' decided to set up an award 'For the Future of the Children of Europe' for personalities — Hungarian as well as foreign — who successfully contributed to creating a nicer, happier, and more peaceful future perspective for children. In the first few years the Association awarded persons appointed by its own members: Hungarians in every even year and foreigners in odd years until 1996. Recently the Association has called upon personalities already awarded to appoint their new peers. Since 1998 the awards have been presented during the Future of Europe International Children Meetings, usually on the closing ceremony.

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Presidium, Future of Europe Association 2006-2010

  • President: Gábor Farkas
  • Co-president: Dr. József Kriston Vízi
  • Officials:
    • László Berende
    • Dr. Kozmács dr. Zsuzsanna Fogarasi
    • Dr. András Iványosi Szabó
    • Zsuzsanna Mészár
    • Dr. Zoltán Katus

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