XV. Európa Jövője Nemzetközi Gyermek- és Ifjúsági Találkozó

  2018. július 1-8. Kecskemét | 1- 8th July 2018 Hungary

15th Future of Europe International Children and Youth Meeting

The Young Citizens of Europe

A Thanks to the unexpected hit of the publications and to financial support from successful applications, the Future of Europe Association has launched a board game 'The Young Citizens of Europe'. Players start out in Hungary and arrive in Brussels, the EU headquarters. On the way they are to collect EU member state flags making up a puzzle in Brussels, shaping the EU flag the winner has collected all parts. The game combines a number of interesting and important questions to be answered as well as traditional board game elements e.g. collecting euros they can use in "tough" situations, playing out jokers, and drawing, so victory is only achieved with competence and good tactics. The booklets and the board game have been published through financial support acquired through successful applications to organizations such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the EU Delegation to Hungary, and are available in restricted numbers.

Year of publishing: 2000, 2002

Peace Message

Another booklet entitled Peace Message has been dedicated to the thorough treatment of NATO. The booklet provide useful information about the Hungarian Army as well.

Year of publishing: 2002

Step by Step to Europe

Since the start, the Future of Children Association has attached high importance to spreading information about the EU. A series of informative booklets has been issued on this comprehensive subject targeted at different generations.

Date of publishing: 1998, 1999


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