XV. Európa Jövője Nemzetközi Gyermek- és Ifjúsági Találkozó

  2018. július 1-8. Kecskemét | 1- 8th July 2018 Hungary

15th Future of Europe International Children and Youth Meeting

The Creative Europe culture cooperation project, Youngsters United in Music (YUM), is a collaboration between the European Music Festival for Young People (Neerpelt Belgium, EMJ), the Európa Jövője Egyesület (Kecskemét Hungary, EJE) and the Bratislava Music Agency (Bratislava - Slovak Republic, BMA). With the support of the European Community, YUM aimed to involve young musicians, singers and dancers, as well as professionals and members of the jury from the current EU candidate countries in the three festivals and to get them acquainted with the European creative and cultural sector. These EU candidate countries are Iceland, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey, Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina and Kosovo.

The YUM project provides opportunity for young people to get to know each other and for connecting people music is one of the best bridges. We are sure that young people (who are from different countries with various backgrounds) wont be focusing on prejudices of the past or political differences between states, rather than the opportunities of a common future. And this is the main goal of this cooperation. At the end of the project we are proud that during the festivals we involved more than 30 youth music groups and professionals from the EU candidate countries. And we expect to find them among the regular participants after this projects end in August 2017 having achieved our goal of helping these countries getting more involved in the European community.

More info about the project: www.emj.be




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